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the only people for me are the mad ones.

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only you and me by the borderline.
24 January 1991
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magical black girl. mid-20s. my life has come full circle because i work in a library and have cat babies. :3.

stylesheet: nightingails
arctic monkeys, autumn/winter, coffee shops, coffee shops at sunset, drunken club dancing, drunken pancakes at 3am, dry humor to flirt, laughing, libraries, living vicariously thru lyrics, locs, marvel comics, my cannondale, my cat harry, my cat lily rose, my cat neville, natural hair, not-so-guilty-pleasures, phoenix, pop music, public and research libraries, sleepy hollow, sondre lerche, stuff n thangs, the walking dead, toro y moi, working out, writing, ww2 era history

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